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The Project

Atome Hotel - Loguy BOT42

Atom Hotel is an interactive webdocumentary that allows the viewer to explore the invisible world of atoms. Atom Hotel brings to life the elements via an interactive periodic table where fascinating true stories are hidden.

Atom Hotel showcases physical matter from different perspectives, stimulating the viewer into thinking about what lies within the materials we use, the planet we inhabit and share with other life forms, the universe we contemplate on a starry night… Short documentaries from varied sources make up an interactive logbook showing how mankind uses (and abuses) chemical elements.

Blogs and social networks take the message to a worldwide audience. The goal is to collectively build a virtual and friendly interactive family album of the 115 known chemical elements via an innovative platform inviting the viewer to explore the world of the infinitely small…

Want to have a look at our video ? Everything will be finish and online in a year. But we think about you and your curiosity, and made a teaser! Discover the 18 Fluor on the back of this page.

What about your favorite atom ?

Dmitri speaks english!

You can e-mail him about your favorite atom : why him, why you like this particular one !
Come ask him any questions, make him propositions…
He will welcome your help !

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The team

Dmitri Mendeleïev – Mascot

Team Pages & Images

Youssef Charifi – Producer
Favorite atom : Iron

Luc Reder – Producer
Favorite atom : Polonium

Corinne Cartaillac – Project manager, web creator

Baptiste Rouveure – Director

Laurent Mercadier – Directeur de production
Favorite atom : Sulfur

Bot 42 – Design et Developpement

Wally Charifi – alias Krytozoïde – Community Manager
Favorite atom :  Krypton

Ludovic Raynaud – Cutter
Favorite atom : Lithium

Team Scientific culture – University of Montpellier

Thierry Brassac – Author,  Scientific dissemination
Favorite atom : Calcium (1kg per Homo sapiens)

Léa Cavalin – Scientific democratisation
Favorite atom : Hydrogene

They are part of the project:

Julie Chapelle – alias Merculie
Favorite atom : Mercure

Marine Puel – alias MP Prométhium
Favorite atom: Promethium

Pierre Ghesquiere – Astro-physicist

Nicolas Lespes – alias Lithior – Chimist
Favorite atom : le Lithium

Guillaume Bagnolini – Scientific philosopher

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